"bubl adds background audio ambience
and sonic texture to your
business environment or event experience


"bubl music stream

Hours of ambient neutral instrumental background music to stream in your business premises or event experience.
Customer / client / audience friendly - safe - legal - free.
Ambient soundscapes to add sonic texture to your business or event experience.
No license required. No fees to be paid. No Ads. No catch.
Available to stream 24 / 7 / 365 / global.
Tracks added and rotated regularly increasing continuous stream length.
Original and unique instrumental soundscapes.
Atmospheric neutral ambient textures.
"bubl offers business owners and event managers
a free simple legal alternative
background music solution
Background ambient music for streaming in commercial business environments and event experiences.
All tracks fadein / fadeout for smooth continuous playlist stream.
Users of the bubl playlist can stream this music catalogue 24/7/365/global.
All tracks copyright © digitalTRAFFIC.
digitalTRAFFIC business music streaming catalogue.
Original music tracks created and produced by digitalTRAFFIC.
"bubl is a free background music service provided by digitalTRAFFIC.
digitalTRAFFIC accept no liabilty in the event of music streaming unavailability.
You agree to use the "bubl music service at your own risk.

(no machines were harmed in the making of this music stream)

enhance your business environment or event experience
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